Friday, May 25, 2012

Have Healthy Food When You Are Out

Eating out doesn’t mean that you have to be eating unhealthy food all the time.
There are different varieties of food, from which you can choose the menu of your convenience.

When you are eating out, choose high protein, low fat food. Have fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grains and steamed food, instead of fried food that contain high calories.

Make use of an indoor or outdoor grill, or bake your food in the oven without all the extra oil.
Watch out for large portion sizes too. It is better to share your appetizers with your friend who is with you.

* Have sandwich with lettuce and tomato instead of a cheese burger. Avoid mayonnaise as much as possible.
* Avoid drinks like soda, juices and energy drinks and replace them with water and low-fat milk.
* Eat eggs. They contain more proteins and vitamins.
* Avoid pizzas and burgers that contain butter and cheese. Instead have whole-grain bread.
* Avoid starch and added fats like potatoes, rice, pasta, French fries and grilled non-veg items.
* Avoid mayo and sauce as much as possible and replace them with salad and mustard.

These tips will help you eat healthier when you are away from home!

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